The Art of Audre Schantz

About Me

Hi My name is Audre Schantz, I am an artist, illustrator, animator, and writer. I sometimes go by "musicaltree" online.  My art is influenced by Japanese anime and manga, Disney and Dreamworks' traditional animation, and my own style & cuteness. My art is meant to symbolize and represent innocence and beauty, a sense of friendship, and imagination. My subject matter revolves around young women/girls and animals, in a stylized form, emphasizing the beauty, sadness, joy, and humor in all living things. I suppose I might be a cross between naive art/folk art/illustration/ manga/anime....  I am a storyteller  and I try to capture emotions in my work. My favorite choices of medium are inks, graphite/pencils, and digital art/digital painting programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter.  I love to read, and collect photographs,artwork, books, movies, etc. Anything whimsical, or unique. ^^